Deer Falls: A Trilogy


Deer Falls CoverAutumn’s Fall is the story of a 15-year-old girl who lives in poverty with her mother. Autumn has built a hatred toward her mother because her mother refuses to tell her anything about her father, including his name. Autumn is left with adult decisions that she struggles to cope with. She follows her inner voice to decide the right moves to make to get the answers she has always wanted, then doubts herself after taking each step. This is a story of overcoming righteous anger, and viewing herself and the world in a different light.

Chris’s Crossing is the crossing through the insanity of grief, and survivor’s guilt. When Chris’s twin brother is murdered, Chris must redefine himself, crossing from ‘Chris-n-Craig’ to ‘Just Chris’. He is unsure if he is losing his mind, or being haunted by his dead brother. Chris knows if he swims across the wide river, defying death from the Falls’ pull, he will somehow cross over to finding himself.

Ian Sense depicts the life of Ian; son of an abusive, alcoholic, and ex-pro boxing dad. Ian is quite genius in his ability to navigate or avoid his dad’s drunken ’rounds’. Well, sometimes. He thinks himself as an empath, since he has developed the ability to sense when his dad is about to arrive, and when others are in pain or danger. It is this ability that gets him into trouble with the law when he protects a girl from the town’s budding psychopath.

If any form of neglect or abuse are familiars in your life, then you will relate to the stories I write. Sometimes, it feels better just to know that you aren’t alone. It can even empower you to think outside of the box you are forced to live in.

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